Suwanee Pediatrics, PC.  

Ingrid Cruz C- M.A

-Medical Records/ Referral Coordinator

Claudia Mejia

-Head, Medical Biller

Ms. Claudia heads our Billing department. She works closely with Ms. Neili and her team of associates to help our clients understand their Explanation of Benefits (EOB’s) for medical insurance, ensures medical insurance verification, reimbursements, medical coding are done correctly. She is bilingual and enjoys traveling and dancing. 


Neili Zamora

-Business Manager

Ms. Neili is our Business Manager. A seasoned biller heading a private billing consortium for 8 years prior to joining Suwannee Pediatrics P.C, she sees to the smooth running of our office and heads both our Electronic Health Care Department, Billing and Insurance Services and takes care of our Medical Staff concerns. Bilingual and a Georgia native, she enjoys attending family centered activities.  


-Administrative Staff

Magaly Lopez C- M.A

-Medical Assistant

Esthefany Florez

-Insurance Coordinator

Andre Harris 

-Medical Technician

Lucy Ramirez C- M.A

-Medical Assistant

Jennifer UchimaC- M.A

-Assistant Manager

Ms Jennifer is our Assistant Manager. A certified Medical Assistant, she is a graduate of Sanford Brown College Well rounded and a multitasker, she also heads our Fast Track services department seeing to our “5 minute in to seeing the provider or your copay back” policy. Our Allergy Services, Ear Lavage, (Boutique Otic), Flu Clinic, Laboratory Services and more are served via our Fast Track services. A firm favorite with our patients and their parents, Ms. Jennifer enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. Bilingual and multiethnic, Ms. Jennifer personifies the very best of America’s diversity coming from Colombian heritage. 


Yolesmi Rivera

-Patient Coordinator Lead

-Medical Staff

Maria Mayorga C- M.A

-Vaccine Coordinator

Ashley Davis C- M.A

-Medical Assistant