Suwanee Pediatrics, PC.  

Mission Statement

At Suwanee Pediatrics, our mission is to care for our future.  We serve the community with first class pediatric services, geared towards optimizing each and every child's physical, mental and developmental potential.

We treat each child on an individual basis and take into account the multifactorial elements affecting each child, family dynamics, cultural influences, medical history as well as individual personality.  We keep uppermost in our minds that a good name is earned one loyal family at a time.  Therefore, we always keep abreast of the latest in medical care infrastructure upgrades and convenience measures to affect our children's health and harness the very best available technology.

Our commitment is to consistently exceed the high expectations of the families we serve in all areas to the best of our ability each and everyday in whatever circumstance.  Our services, staff, courteousness, wait time, easy access to X-ray and laboratory services, competitive pricing of even the most elite services offered are all geared towards this end.  We never rest on our laurels not let the most effusive encomiums make us complacent.  Rather we will always ask: "what more can we do to excel" as we forge ahead.


Bolaji Odusina MD, FAAP